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What’s in a smile?

Beautiful teeth make so much more than just a pretty face. Your grin communicates who you are to the world at large. Smiles are powerful both in how they affect others and the impact they have on our personal health. Our goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain the smiles of their dreams.

As dental technology advances and treatments become more affordable, more and more patients are exploring cosmetic dentistry. If you’ve ever hesitated to smile or hated your teeth in a photo, this is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with Dr. Phillippi. Let our team help you transform your smile – it’s time to love your grin.

Some of our cosmetic services are detailed below – schedule a consultation to learn what we recommend for your unique needs.

Teeth Whitening

A dazzling smile is universally desirable. White teeth pop, and help your grin leave a lasting impression. But a variety of factors contribute to teeth becoming stained – from aging, to habits like smoking, to enamel erosion.

Fortunately, you can fight back. Our office makes several whitening systems available to accommodate diverse patient needs. Visit our teeth whitening page to learn more about Zoom and Pola whitening. You can choose whether you’d like to whiten in-office for faster results, or at home for more gradual results.

Not sure which whitening option is right for you? Ask our team! We strive to make whitening affordable for all patients, so that you can lift stains and get bright ASAP.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are an incredibly versatile option for patients hoping to change the appearance of their front teeth. Thin, porcelain shells are bonded to the surface of the teeth. This allows patients to accomplish any or all of these aesthetic goals:

  • Lengthen short or worn teeth
  • Reshape asymmetrical teeth
  • Straighten crooked or crowded front teeth
  • Fill gaps between teeth
  • Cover chipped teeth
  • Permanently whiten discolored teeth

…and even more. Porcelain veneers have the added benefit of looking extremely natural, and blending neatly with your surrounding teeth. Since these veneers are also thin, they don’t add bulk to your smile but look right at home. Less tooth reduction is required in order for your veneers to fit into place, leading to a more comfortable procedure.

If you’re interested in making aesthetic improvements to your smile, we can help. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Phillippi to learn more about what he might recommend for your teeth.

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