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How We’re Different

We are committed to excellence and to providing the highest quality oral health care in an environment of trust and individualized care. We are dedicated to the notion that all people should have the opportunity to retain their teeth throughout their lifetime. Through patient education, preventive measures, good home care and appropriate pain-free restorative dentistry it is possible for most all people to retain their natural teeth and maintain excellent oral health, functioning, comfort and great appearance.

We have developed a reputation of excellent quality, integrity, honesty and trust

The foundation of our practice vision is to nurture relationships of sincere trust, open communications and personalized treatment. By understanding your needs and wants then giving you the opportunity to choose the type of oral health care you desire we have earned the respect and trust of our patients.

Most patients new to our practice tell us how they have been treated like a number instead of an individual in their previous dental office. Our doctors and oral health care professionals go out of their way to know them and their special needs and priorities. Our practice philosophy is to provide highly trained professionals, cutting edge technology, materials and treatment, while maintaining individual relationships with each patient knowing your individual needs, concerns and priorities. This philosophy will allow you to experience optimal dentistry in a warm and comfortable and caring environment.

We are dedicated to relaxed and comfortable dentistry

Our practice has the technology to ensure you comfortable pain-free dentistry. These include the necessary the latest oral sedation techniques to maximize your comfort and relaxation. We will find the correct option for you. Please see some of our advanced technology below. The old saying is: “We believe nobody cares how much you know…until they know how much you care!” We really care about our patients

Dr. Scott, Dr. Pooja and Tammy, our practice R.N., along with all of our professional team are passionate believers in continuing education as it applies to each of their years of experience. Each member of our team belongs to an appropriate professional organization (as listed below) who all champion not only state licensure but continuing education as well. The practice team members belong to the following professional organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Ohio Dental Association
  • Dayton Dental Society
  • American Nurses Association
  • American Association of Dental Office Managers
  • American Dental Hygienist Association
  • Ohio Dental Expanded Functions Association
  • Dental Assistant National Board

Advanced Technologies

Maintaining your health is of paramount importance to us and digital x-rays allow us to detect cavities when they are still small and can be removed with minimal compromise of your tooth. Digital x-rays produce efficient and accurate images that enable same day diagnosis and treatment while maximizing patient safety.
digital x-rays
Our practice believes that your active involvement in education is an important element in maintaining healthy oral hygiene. The intraoral camera technology allows us to show you exactly what we see so that we can work as a team to achieve your confident and lasting smile.
intraoral camera
If you eliminate cavities while they are small only the slightest amount of tooth structure will need to be removed. Sometimes small cavities on the chewing surfaces of your teeth can be mistaken for stain and left to grow. The Spectra Caries Detection Aid takes all guesswork out of our diagnosis and enables us to determine how deep the cavity has developed. We can provide treatment during your visit.
spectra caries detection
As we stated previously, we are committed to comfortable and pain free dentistry for you. We employ the STA Anesthesia System that allows us to administer painless anesthesia. Allowing you to relax and be comfortable during your procedures.
single tooth anesthesia
As further commitment to your comfort the NV Microlaser technology continues the practice philosophy pain free comfortable dentistry in that we are able to offer you a wide range of services in far less invasive manner which in turn allows you shorter recovery times and requires no stitches.
nv microlaser
Another of our practice goals is not to simply treat cavities but to eliminate them and help you maintain healthy oral hygiene. The CariFree System allows us to measure your risk factors and actually address the very cause with a series of rinses.
You safety is our most important concern. Our practice has an AED Defibrillator on site. This portable device diagnosis any life threatening cardiac arrhythmias and treat them immediately with defibrillation. The team will make responsive arrangements with any hospitals of your choice. Our practice nurse is always available to administer to those needs should they arise.
AED defibrillator
There is no greater time of need for care than when a toothache or accident occurs. In these cases our practice makes every effort to see patients the same day. We are committed to good health and comfort therefore all emergency patients are welcomed and will be seen the day of the emergency.
Dayton dental emergency

In this day and age we are often faced with a serious health care dilemma. To accept discounted care and poor treatment or face high prices and inflexible payment options. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and treatment that is affordable for everyone, by providing the alternative that is right for you.

We accept most insurance, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Check and Cash. Payment plans are available through CareCredit.

Our practice is involved with many community and local professional organizations. We offer oral health workshops in the schools and community organizations as well as local industries and service organizations. Call the practice to arrange your event.