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Teeth Whitening

A white smile is key. No matter what your teeth look like, if they’re yellow or discolored, they’re going to send a negative message.

Human beings are judgmental, so we’re constantly evaluating one another – and in first impressions, we’re forming judgments based largely on physical appearance. Whether you’ve been trying to get a promotion, meet someone new, or invigorate your social life, whitening your teeth could be the answer.

The most surprising part of whitening is just how dramatically it changes your smile. If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry but unsure of what to change, whitening could fulfill your aesthetic goals.

What are my teeth whitening options?

how whitening works

There are two main ways patients can whiten their teeth. Bring up whitening at your next exam, and Dr. Phillippi will help you decide which option is ideal for your needs.

  • Chairside whitening – Interested patients are welcome to whiten right here in our office. This allows them to receive professional guidance throughout the whitening process, and makes it possible to see dramatic results in a short amount of time.
    • Pros: Full results within one hour, help of your dental hygienist, expert guidance
    • Cons: More expensive than home whitening
  • Home whitening – Patients can also whiten at home using a recommended whitening kit. Dr. Phillippi will provide instructions so that you can whiten safely and comfortably. You will use whitening trays to apply the bleaching agent to your teeth on a predetermined schedule.
    • Pros: Able to whiten on your own schedule; affordable, gradual results
    • Cons: Takes more time to complete your whitening, results usually will not be as dramatic as in-office whitening
Dayton teeth whitening
Dayton teeth whitening

Which teeth whitening system is best for me?

We offer several whitening systems to accommodate patients with a variety of needs.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom is the most requested whitening brand, with over 10 million users. It provides a range of home options as well as an in-office whitening system. Chairside whitening patients can see their teeth looking up to 8 shades lighter in just 45 minutes.

Pola Whitening

Pola offers a wide range of home whitening options, as well as an in-office system. Some products actively protect teeth and gums during whitening, which is ideal for patients with sensitivity. Pola’s shade guide will help you and Dr. Phillippi determine how many shades lighter you would ideally like your smile to be, and reach that end goal.

Will whitening work on my teeth?

Our patients all whiten to varying degrees, based on their enamel shade and the cause of discoloration. Our team will help you reach your individual whiteness threshold.

It’s important to note that whitening only works on natural enamel – if you have crowns, veneers or composite fillings on your front teeth, that dental work will not whiten.

Patients with intrinsic stains formed during tooth development will not see results with bleaching. Instead, they should consider composite bonding or veneers to cover stains and brighten their smiles.

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